Japanese adult film star Maria Ozawa ‘very sad’ after held up by Bali immigration for three hours

Maria Ozawa poses with pilots in Bali. Photo: Instagram @maria.ozawa

UPDATE Indonesian immigration denies allegations that Maria Ozawa was raided in Bali just so officers could get a selfie with adult star

The Kardashians aren’t the only celebrities turning heads in Bali this week.

Japanese adult film star Maria Ozawa, aka Miyabi, a favorite amongst Indonesians, has been in Bali too, but says she is “very sad” and “disappointed” after getting help up by immigration in Denpasar for around three hours.

The 32-year-old told reporters on Wednesday that she was only in Bali “to party” and not on the island for business.


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This is technically true, as Ozawa was photographed celebrating the birthday of her friend, Indonesian entertainer, Barbie Nouva, at a posh villa in Bali, where she also posted Instagram story updates of the festivities.


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Ozawa’s defensive statements to the press come after she was summoned by the island’s Denpasar Immigration Office and questioned for several hours, apparently after rumors circulated that she was on a “working holiday”. The porn star, however, was allowed to leave Bali to return to Japan, reports Kompas.

“I’m very sad that people would make such a rumor, which is not true. I just came here to party with my friend which is so normal. I wish I would have privacy in this country,” Ozawa said in front of cameras.

“This is very disappointing and I hope everything will change in the right way. I guess people should change and be more smarter,” she added.

Her trip started out much stronger, as she posted a photo—quickly gone viral amongst Indonesian netizens—of herself with the pilots in the cockpit of her flight landing in Bali.


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Miyabi has a huge following in Indonesia—she’s so popular amongst Indonesians that a (comedy) movie about kidnapping her was made locally back in 2010.

She has holidayed in Bali a few times over the past several years, playing tourist, to the delight of Indonesian fans.

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