Indonesia’s capital city is in Bali, according to Australian news outlet

A map published by Australian news outlet 9News placing Indonesia’s “old capital city” in Bali.
A map published by Australian news outlet 9News placing Indonesia’s “old capital city” in Bali.

Australia’s 9News is on a roll for showing ignorance about their country’s neighbors Up Above.

We all know that, to some geographically-challenged outsiders, Bali is a country separate from Indonesia. Or Bali is Indonesia.

But we still expected more from the online division of one of Australia’s largest news networks, who placed Jakarta, Indonesia’s “old capital city,” in Bali on the map above for an article about the country’s future capital city, Nusantara.

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While the story was taken from CNN’s wire service, the original article notably does not include a map illustrating the location of the old capital city vs new capital city (for the record, Jakarta is officially still Indonesia’s capital city until at least 2024, so the “old” tag is misplaced).

The map has been replaced with one that places Jakarta in the correct coordinates as of this article’s publication, but the embarrassing original is circulating widely on Indonesian social media, attracting ridicule.

Also this week, the same news network used a video of Indonesian thrill-seekers running away from a tidal bore in Riau to depict the devastating tsunami in Tonga

We suppose this bears repeating: get ya facts straight, mate.

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