Indonesian regent calls for parading rapist of French, Italian women through the streets of Labuan Bajo

Photo: Loura Police

The regent of Indonesia’s West Manggarai is so outraged by the rape of two foreign tourists, that he’s calling for a “walk of shame” for the alleged perpetrator around the Flores city of Labuan Bajo.

Flores is an island located east of Bali, in Indonesia’s East Nusa Tenggara Province.

“I want to tie him up and parade him around Labuan Bajo. It’s outrageous,” West Manggarai regent Augustine Ch Dula told Liputan6 on Sunday.

The regent’s demand for such a walk of shame isn’t unique in Indonesia. The island of Gili Trawangan is known for parading thieves with signs to humiliate them for their crimes, while there’s also a trend of vigilantes trying to shame “perpetrators” of “moral crimes”.

The regent went on to continue that he would not tolerate any “barbaric behavior” or attempts to damage the climate for tourists in Labuan Bajo, especially since the city has been designated as one of the country’s top priority destinations.

“It’s shameful. The regency is at the center of attention of the central government and instead of being grateful and a good host, it’s become a frightening host for tourists,” Dula added.

Indonesia media reported that a French woman, identified as MB, 22, was raped by an unregistered tour guide earlier this month, on June 12.

The perpetrator claimed to be a tour guide and took MB to Cunca Wulang Waterfall on motorcycle.

Additional reports came out soon after that an Italian woman was also raped by a man who was believed to be the same perpetrator, just days after the French woman.

“So there are two victims, not so far apart in time. The first victim was a French woman and she was admitted to a hospital here, Siloam. The second, a little after, was an Italian,” West Manggarai Protocol spokesman Paul Jeramun told Detik last Thursday.

West Manggarai Police confirmed the arrest of CAP, 35, in West Sumba on Friday as the alleged perpetrator.

From CAP, police confiscated wallets with ATM cards and a passport belonging to the victim, along with bags stolen from other foreign victims, Padar News reported.

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