Fractured inheritance: Man in Bali broke his penis while engaging in cowgirl position

Photo: Deon Black / LetsTalkSex.Net
Photo: Deon Black / LetsTalkSex.Net

A 44-year-old man in Bali severely injured his penis after engaging in intense woman-on-top intercourse with his partner in a case that proves penile fractures, while rare, can happen.

Sanglah General Hospital in Bali said in their findings, which were published in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports, that the anonymous man was rushed to their emergency room after his penis had become swollen for three hours.

It was reported that after the man heard a “crack” while having sex with his partner, who was in the cowgirl position, he felt intense pain and (naturally) lost his erection. 

The doctors found a 3-centimeter fracture on the man’s corpus cavernosum (the spongy erectile tissue that contains most of the blood in the penis during an erection). The man’s urethra had also been ruptured.

It was reported that the doctors had to deglove the man’s penis and stitch the fracture back together. Luckily, though, the man recovered and regained all of his penis’ functions and was ready to be back in action within three weeks. 

A 50-year-old man in Surabaya suffered a similarly unfortunate event, as reported by Dr Sutomo Hospital in the same journal.

The Surabaya man experienced a rare condition named “eggplant deformity,” in which his penis buckled due to blunt trauma after having sex with his wife. The penis became swollen and turned purple for four hours.

The doctors had to make an incision on the man’s scrotum to re-establish normal blood flow.

Featured image courtesy Deon Black / LetsTalkSex.Net

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