Drunk man yells at authorities in Denpasar after being told to wear face mask

The incident occurred on Sunday night. Photo: Satpol PP Denpasar / Instagram
The incident occurred on Sunday night. Photo: Satpol PP Denpasar / Instagram

UPDATE: Satpol PP said today that the man has been granted bail and released from detainment.

A man passing through one of Denpasar’s monitoring posts amid access restrictions in the city reportedly caused a scene with the authorities on duty after he failed to present his identification as required.

The incident, which occurred on Sunday night, was filmed and later uploaded on social media, videos of which have made their rounds across various platforms and showing a man angrily shouting at an army officer in uniform.

According to reports, authorities stopped the man, who has not been identified, at one of the monitoring posts in Denpasar, which has implemented the Restrictions on People’s Activities (PKM) across the city, and reprimanded him for not wearing a face mask. 

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“The man was under the influence of alcohol and had no identification with him at all,” Dewa Gede Anom Sayoga, who heads the Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) in Denpasar, said.

“He was passing through and authorities stopped him because he wasn’t wearing a mask, he had no identification or papers for his vehicle. During the check, he got angry at the officers on duty.” 

Authorities then apprehended the man for questioning, though they had to wait until he was more clear-headed. It’s not clear what sanctions, if any, the man could face, but under PKM, face masks are mandatory where the policy is enforced.

The first phase of PKM started on May 15 and is scheduled to last until May 30. Officials are expected to evaluate the measure, which is part of an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the provincial capital, on a weekly basis.

During PKM, those who are without face masks, proper identification, and a clear purpose of visiting Denpasar will not be granted access and requested to turn back around. 

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