Denpasar man dies following freak accident involving kite string

Illustration of a kite. Photo: Flickr
Illustration of a kite. Photo: Flickr

A 61-year-old man from Denpasar died in a freak accident this week, in which the string of a kite got tangled around his neck as he was riding a motorcycle and leading to his direct collision with a wheel loader.

“The driver got tangled with the string of a kite and lost his balance,” Ni Luh Tiviasih, who heads the traffic management unit at Denpasar Police, said.

The accident occurred yesterday afternoon on Jalan Raya Sesetan in Denpasar. A wayward kite appeared to have perched nearby with its string hanging loose and down onto the road. The victim, who has been identified by his initials IWL, was driving his motorbike along the road when the loose string caught him and tangled around his neck. 

IWL lost his balance as he continued to move forward when he collided with a wheel loader that was coming from the opposite direction. IWL reportedly sustained severe injuries on his stomach and chest, and was immediately taken to a local hospital. However, he died at the hospital’s emergency room due to a heavy loss of blood. 

Incidents involving kite strings are sadly not uncommon. Earlier this week, a man from Tabanan regency received cuts on his fingers and neck when he was driving his motorbike and got tangled up with a kite string, for which he reportedly got stitches.


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One thought on “Denpasar man dies following freak accident involving kite string

  1. Unfortunately this is far from common in this musim layanan.
    The kite string gets directed to the neck from hand position on the bars.
    Riders should wear a scarf and put 2 small cane stick on the bars as string indicator.
    I come across a fallen string every day in this season.

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