Bali teen goes in for traditional massage after spraining ankle, allegedly groped by 72-year-old masseuse

A masseuse in Tabanan, Bali has been reported to police for allegedly groping a teen client. 

The nineteen year old had gone in for a massage on Wednesday, accompanied by her father, after spraining her ankle—it’s pretty common in Indonesia to see a masseuse when sick or injured, often favored over going to a doctor. 

The 72-year-old apparently got the teen alone, asking her father to go out and buy some drinking water for her to help with blood circulation. 

That’s when things apparently got way inappropriate. As soon as the father left, the masseuse allegedly started touching the teen’s crotch, as well as rubbing his own genital area, reports Tribun Bali

When asked by the teen what he was doing, he allegedly said he was trying to facilitate blood flow. 

The teen said that she had gone into the massage with just her father’s jacket covering her legs since before, she had been wearing jeans that could not be rolled up enough for the massage. 

After she went home from the massage, the teen immediately told her family about the alleged groping. Her parents directly reported the masseuse to Tabanan Police. 

Tabanan Police spokesman I Putu Oka Suyasa confirmed the report and said police are still investigating the incident. 

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