Bali Police arrest 54-year-old man for alleged rape of teenage girl in Denpasar

File photo of an individual being handcuffed.
File photo of an individual being handcuffed.

The Denpasar Police have arrested a 54-year-old man for the alleged rape of a teenage girl, who was previously identified as a rape victim at the hands of her cousin and uncle. 

The man, identified by his initials IMY, was arrested on Tuesday and has since been named a rape suspect. Police say that IMY raped the victim in late April, though authorities were alerted to the incident only this past week. 

“The victim couldn’t fight back,” I Dewa Gede Putu Anom, who heads the criminal investigation unit at Denpasar Police, said.

According to Ni Luh Anggraeni, who heads the Integrated Center for Women and Children Empowerment office (P2TP2A) in Denpasar city, the victim suffers from psychological trauma. 

The case came to light after the 14-year-old girl, who was 13 at the time of the incident, went in for an examination at a local Puskesmas (community clinic). The clinic staff reportedly grew concerned after seeing her behavior, and later notified P2TP2A. 

It was then that the girl revealed that she became pregnant after her cousin raped her last year. The two were then forced to marry, and the girl gave birth to her child earlier this year. Not long after, while she was still in postpartum recovery, her uncle, AKA her first rapist’s father, raped her. She reportedly sought medical assistance for vaginal bleeding following the rape by her uncle.

According to reports, the girl’s first rapist was also underage. After they were married off through a small traditional ceremony, the two lived in separate rooms and didn’t speak to each other. It is not immediately clear whether the cousin will also be prosecuted for his crime. 

The family previously said that they did not report the first rape incident because they felt that the marriage had offered a solution, with a legal counsel at P2TP2A noting that neither the victim nor her family are well-informed on matters of the law and were clueless about the steps they could have taken. 

IMY has been charged with rape of a minor under Indonesia’s Child Protection Law, which could see him face up to 15 years in prison.

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