Bali hospital says shark attack victim, American surfer, will transfer to Singapore for medical treatment

Local media reports are offering more information about the American surfer that got attacked by a shark in West Bali on Monday morning. 

Indonesian newspaper Tribun Bali has identified the victim as 26-year-old Ryan Darwin Mlenar Boarman and is reporting that the American will be relocated to Singapore because of the seriousness of his injuries. 

Boarman, who was staying at Balian Surf Camp, was bitten on the right arm when surfing at Balian Beach, Tabanan on Monday and is reportedly in the ICU at Kasih Ibu Tabanan. 

“The bite went into the victim’s tendon, he is in the ICU at the moment,” Kasih Ibu Director Dr. Gede Ngurah Buana told Tribun Bali on Tuesday. 

Buana said that Boarman is getting maximum care from Kasih Ibu, but his pain is apparently too much and the hospital can’t meet his and his family’s requests to increase his painkiller dosage.

“We just cannot meet the demands of the patient’s family,” he said. 

Kasih Ibu’s front office said once Boarman’s paperwork is ready, he can transfer to Singapore. 

“It’s still in the administrative process,” Gusti Rahardi told Tribun. 

While the island of Bali is not known for sharks, attacks are not unheard of in the Balian Beach area. American expat Eddie Biancardi told surfing site Stab Magazine that this is the fifth shark attack in five years at this West Bali beach. 

“The truth is, there have always been sharks here. I’ve been living in Balian for nine years and surfing here for about 15 years, and I’ve always seen sharks. They have a tendency to jump out of the water,” Biancardi said on Tuesday.

“Most of the attacks have been while the water was murky from the river flowing, which yesterday it definitely was.”

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