Bali guides crowd immigration office, protesting illegal foreign workers

Photo: @hendrahpsb via Info Denpasar
Photo: @hendrahpsb via Info Denpasar

Dozens of Indonesian tour guides crowded the Ngurah Rai Immigration Office in Jimbaran, Bali on Monday, protesting the presence of illegal foreign workers on the island.

But it’s one illegal foreign worker in particular that the protesters are most concerned with, Li Hua Hin, a Chinese national accused of violating a visitor’s visa and working as a tour guide.

Demonstrators carried banners and posters reading messages like “We reject illegal foreign workers in Bali” and “Immediately charge Li Hua Hui, alias Ahui, alias Roy, under Law on Immigration No. 6/2011).

The peaceful demonstration was organized by the Bali Komunitas Pejuang Peduli (which basically translates to the Bali Caring Warriors Community).

‘Ahui,’ previously identified as ‘A’ in local reports provoked ire after allegedly helping an Indonesian unlicensed guide beat up an Indonesian driver in the Kuta area back in April.

“We want immigration to be transparent in uncovering this case, including guidance on the rampant illegal work of foreigners in Bali who still go free without any action. We don’t want the law in Indonesia to be underestimated. This must be met with a firm action,” said Komunitas Pejuang Peduli coordinator Yosua Michael Tojoeng, as quoted by the Bali Post.

One of the demands of protesters is a clear message about what’s being done with Ahui since it’s already been about three weeks since the alleged incident occurred.

“We do not want the perpetrator who is none other than Li Hua Hin, aka Ahui, to be handed down punishment in the form of deportation. Because if he’s deported there’s a limit. He can just come back to Bali,” Tojoeng said.

However, the head of Ngurah Rai Immigration Class I Amran Aris told reporters that the case is still being processed but if more evidence is not found in the next week, Ahui will be deported and as a result, will be barred from entering Indonesia for a six-month period.

Aris added that Ngurah Rai Immigration takes visa violation very seriously and has formed four teams to specifically tackle foreigners operating illegally as tour guides on the island.

“In this week, we’ve started to form four teams. Give us time in carrying out this task. We also want to curb the presence of illegal foreign guides,” he said

Under Regulation no. 5 of Pramuwisata Bali, foreigners are allowed to work as guides in Bali, but must get special training and a certificate in the arts and culture of Bali, according to Bali chapter head of the Indonesian Guide Association (HPI), I Nyoman Nuarta.

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