Bali 9 Andrew Chan denied chance to meet girlfriend one last time before move to execution site

Before his transfer from Bali to his execution site on “death island,” Andrew Chan had one last request that was heart-wrenchingly denied.

“Is it possible to meet my girlfriend?” he asked, as quoted by News Corp Australia. It’s not like he was asking for a conjugal visit, but even a simple goodbye was not allowed. 

Chan’s girlfriend, along with his brother Michael Chan were both reportedly denied access to Kerobokan Prison this morning when they showed up at around 8 am, as they attempted to say their farewells before Chan and fellow Bali Niner Myuran Sukuraman were sent to Nusakambangan prison island. 

But head of the correctional division at the Bali Justice and Human Rights Ministry, Nyoman Putra Surya apparently did not feel sorry for Chan, saying that the Australian had plenty of time with his family over the past six weeks. 

“They have been promised that the mothers and the brothers will see them in Cilacap,” he said, also speaking of Sukumaran, as quoted by News Corp Australia. 

“As they got out they were handcuffed and were calm.”

Chan’s girlfriend, Febyanti Herewila, refused to comment to the press this morning, clearly devastated with tears streaming down her face as she walked away from the jail hand in hand with Michael Chan, as you can see by this picture of them that’s circulating on social media. 

Herewila has been in a relationship with the death row Bali Nine prisoner for several years and is a fellow pastor who he met through church activities inside Kerobokan, according to News Corp Australia. She’s originally from Yogyakarta and has been regularly visiting Chan with his family for the last month. 

Just earlier this week, Michael Chan went on Indonesian national TV pleading for his brother’s life, but his words were apparently ignored by authorities. 

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