Australian tourist who fly-kicked scooter driver in Bali declared a suspect, says he ‘doesn’t remember’ what happened

Screenshot: Instagram
Screenshot: Instagram

Police in Bali yesterday said that the Australian man who was detained after he allegedly committed multiple seemingly random acts of violence over the weekend had acted under the influence of alcohol. According to authorities, the man claimed to have drank a staggering 20 bottles of vodka. 

“From the hospital examination, [the result] showed that he had consumed alcohol, which he said had included 20 bottles of vodka. It resulted in him being heavily intoxicated,” Chief of Kuta Police, Teuku Ricky Fadliansah, said yesterday, as quoted by Merdeka. 

A video showing the Australian tourist, who had been identified as Nicholas Carr,  fly-kicking a man off a moving scooter and throwing himself onto the bonnet of a moving car before he was chased by angry locals went viral over the weekend, sparking a multitudes of reactions from netizens both in Indonesia and Australia. 


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The video was said to have been taken in the early hours of Saturday on Kuta’s Sunset Road. A witness named Albert Daniel Voggy Rifaldo Subratha, who filmed the video, told Detik Carr had to be subdued by 10 people, who tied the Australian up with a hose before he was turned over to the police. 

Photo: infodenpasar / Instagram
Photo: infodenpasar / Instagram

Carr has now officially been declared a suspect and is still being held in custody by the Kuta Police. 

Carr told Nine News Adelaide that he didn’t remember anything from the incident. 

“I don’t remember anything at all, and just want to apologize to everyone, victims, Bali people, to anyone affected by it at all,” Carr said. 

This is far from the first time Bali has seen Australian tourists engaging in atrocious behaviour, even this year. In May, several Aussie tourists were filmed urinating in public, streaking and hurling insults at locals — behavior that was widely criticized in the Australian media. 

Carr’s weekend hooliganism led to a statement from Australia’s Consul-General in Bali, Anthea Griffin, who took to Twitter to remind all Australians “to respect their hosts when traveling overseas.” 

“This incident does not reflect the experience of the vast majority of Australians, who holiday on this beautiful island in great numbers without incident,” Griffin added. 

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