Australian man filmed fly-kicking scooter driver in Bali arrested (Video)

Nicholas Carr was filmed fly-kicking a scooter driver on Sunset Road in Bali in August. Photo: Instagram
Nicholas Carr was filmed fly-kicking a scooter driver on Sunset Road in Bali in August. Photo: Instagram

Police in Bali say they have arrested an Australian man who committed seemingly random acts of violence on a Balinese road this weekend, footage of which has gone viral online.

The Australian, identified by the police as a tourist, was filmed fly-kicking a man off a moving scooter as well as throwing himself onto the bonnet of a moving car before he was chased by angry locals. The video was said to be taken in the early hours of Saturday on Sunset Road in Kuta.

The tourist, who the police identified as 26-year-old Nicolas Carr, was reportedly captured by locals. Police then took Carr in to the Kuta Police headquarters for questioning, but he was later taken to a hospital for treatment on his injuries.

“I don’t yet know what kind of influence he was under, that’s why we secured him first,” Kuta Police Chief Teuku Ricky Fadliansyah told reporters when asked about Carr’s possible motives, as quoted by Detik.

While specifics about Carr’s injuries were not revealed, police say that the motorcyclist he kicked off the vehicle suffered minor injuries such as cuts and bruises on his arms and hands.

A witness named Albert Daniel Voggy Rifaldo Subratha, who filmed the video above, told Detik it took 10 people to subdue Carr, who tied him up with a hose, before he was turned in to the police.

Bali has had its fair share of misbehaving tourists over the years. In May of this year, for example, several Aussie tourists were filmed urinating in public, streaking and hurling insults at locals — behavior that was widely criticized in the Australian media. 

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