Australian model arrested for stealing gold earrings worth almost US$400 from Seminyak boutique

Seminyak Village Mall, where Farah Khan is located. Photo: Tripadvisor/Jktmale
Seminyak Village Mall, where Farah Khan is located. Photo: Tripadvisor/Jktmale

Kuta Police have secured a young Australian woman in connection with the theft of a IDR5,500,000 (US$394) pair of gold earrings from the Farah Khan boutique in Seminyak Village Mall.

The perpetrator, a Melbourne-based model named Catherine Ann Hogg, shoplifted the earrings on Sun, February 3 at around 1:30pm, according to detiknews.

The shop assistants on duty said that Hogg had been accompanied by a duo of accomplices, one man and one woman, who had acted as decoys. CCTV footage shows Hogg nab the jewelry in question while the store staff were too busy chatting to notice.

A few minutes after Hogg had made off with her loot, the store employees realized that the earrings were missing. A quick check of the CCTV footage revealed that Hogg had indeed taken the earrings and police were called onto the scene immediately.

Bizarrely, Hogg hadn’t fled immediately, and was discovered and arrested close by the crime scene about two hours after the incident was reported, according to local-language news outlet, Nusa Bali.

The gold teardrop earrings with green stones have been secured as evidence and Hogg is still under examination at Kuta Police Station.

In Indonesia perhaps more than other countries, thieves are looked upon with particular disgust. Late last year two Indonesians were beaten by an angry mob after being falsely accused of stealing cash by a tourist in Ubud. Similarly, in 2016, two Australian tourists were famously made to do a ‘walk of shame’ wearing “I am a thief” signs around their necks after stealing a bicycle in Gili Trawangan, Lombok.

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