4 detainees still at large after busting out of Bali jail through bathroom ceiling

One of five detainees who escaped from Bali police custody on Monday morning has been recaptured during a raid the following day.

Akbar, 20, who was being detained by West Denpasar Police over a theft case, was tracked down to a mosque in Panjer, South Denpasar on Tuesday evening.

“One person has been secured at this time. We are still interrogating him,” Denpasar Police Comr. Hadi Purnomo told Detik on Tuesday.

When arrested, Akbar did not resist and was immediately transported to Denpasar Police headquarters.

Meanwhile, the other four escapees remain at-large, after busting their way to freedom through the ceiling of a bathroom at West Denpasar Police’s holding facility.

The four fugitives have been identified as Muhammed Rifai, for involvement in a theft case; Muhammad Zubair for involvement in an IDR250 million (US$18k) fraud case; as well as Muhamad Alfah and Wilson Kennedy who had been snagged in an armed burglary plot.

This is far from the first time prisoners have escaped in Bali. It’s not even the first time people have broken out through the bathroom to get out of custody.

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