11 best things overheard at Sunny Side Up Festival

While Disclosure and Mark Ronson nearly gave us eargasms, we weren’t just listening to them at Sunny Side Up Festival. There were some attendees that made our ears bleed. We’re not sure if it was the alcohol speaking or them just being themselves. Unfortunately some things cannot go unheard. Fortunately these noobs will stay anonymous, which is probably the best thing so they maintain a reputation (and keep a job).

Here are 11 of the most headline worthy comments.

1. “How do you get all the white people crowded together like sardines in one place in Bali? Sunny Side Up.” – a claustrophobic male.

2. “It’s not an accent, it’s a fucking language!” – an aggressive Aussie.

3. “They’ve got the right idea! Just go here [the mini mart across the street], get smashed and go back into the land of the most expensive booze.”— a budgeting backpacker.



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4. “Frisk me, frisk me… please security guard!?” – a horny female.

5. “I really wanted to be glitter bombed! Then the guy was like, ‘you’re not special enough to be glitter fucked.’” – a hopeless dreamer.



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6. “We just wanna go to the beach. Can’t we just walk in from here?” – a not so clever Seminyak tourist.

7. “Before the club was built, this was the spot where everyone would go and take magic mushrooms.” – a nostalgic bruh.



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8. “These porta-potties are literally cleaner than my house. It even smells nicer than my laundry.” – a stanky girl.

9. “How are these old people even dancing to this? These DJs have nothing on the legends of their time.” – a Deadhead.



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10. “Do you know how many nasi gorengs I could buy with this token? Fifteen. I could literally feed an entire school.” – a newly broke man.

11. “We literally could have heard the same exact thing from the beach. So we paid for what? To see the front of the stage? I think I should get my two million back.” – a truthful soul.


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