11 heart-pumping activities to do in Bali for the brave and daring soul

From rice field walking meditations to nightclub hopping, Bali definitely has activities that cater to all types of souls, young and old, lazy or active. For the brave and daring, we challenge you to try one of these activities below (warning: not for the faint-hearted)!

1. “Fly” while being strapped to a jet pack  
One of the newer water-activities that has hit Bali, Jet Packing, allows you to be lifted to a height of up to 10 meters, and thrust forward above the water’s surface at a speed of about 50 kilometers an hour—all while strapped to a jet pack. How? By using water as a high-density propulsion fluid.

The video below makes it seem like it’s not that scary, but we bet it’s a whole different story when you’re on the water (or if you have a crazy jet-ski driver).

​Flying-over-water enthusiasts can check out Bali Apollo Dive & Water Sports for more information.

2. Rescue snakes and then release them into the wild  
As a tropical island, Bali is home to a lot of reptiles that give us the creeps (including over 100 types of snakes).
Apparently, due to the constant developments, these slithering creatures have been declining in numbers. The Bali Reptile Rescue was set up by a group of dedicated volunteers who acknowledge the important role that reptiles play in Indonesian ecology, and it is committed to “rescuing” displaced reptiles before releasing them into their wild habitat. They also provide “tours” and activities that allow you to see them in action (or even join in the rescue activity yourself).
We think what these guys are doing is awesome and definitely brave. However, it’s probably not an activity to try for the ophidiophobians among us. 



Just a little bit of snake-rescuing in action…..

3. Go to the monkey forest… with bananas  

The sacred monkey forest in Ubud is definitely a tourist hotspot—but anyone who has travelled to areas where these restless creatures know that they can be quite vicious when they decide to be.

Going to the forest with loose clothing poses risks, but going to the monkey forest with bananas is a whole new level. At best these monkeys will steal and eat your bananas, then leave you alone, but at worst they think that you have more goodies that you’re hiding and will cling on to you for the entire trip.


Don’t let their cuteness fool you….

4. Sample one of the numerous bizarre delicacies available in Bali 

Indonesia is no stranger to bizarre delicacies and Bali is no exception.
Some of these strange foods that you can sample in Bali include deep-fried dragonflies, sago worms, bats and warm cobra blood.
Apparently cobra blood is somewhat of an aphrodisiac. Brave and daring souls can test this theory at their own risk (though we personally prefer chillies and chocolates).


Photo: Flickr

5. Cave diving with sharks
Scuba divers who are looking for an additional thrill beyond seeing Bali’s colorful sealife can pay a visit to Gili Biaha, where white tip reef sharks are often seen sleeping in the cave 12 meters down. Houses a lot of lobsters as well.
Brave and daring souls who are experienced divers and dare to take on this activity are duly advised not to watch Jaws beforehand.

Photo: Flickr

8. Go canyoning  
If you’ve always wanted to jump off a waterfall, but want to do it by a much safer (yet equally as heart-pumping) method why not consider taking a canyoning trip with experienced guides (which involve you abseiling and jumping down waterfalls, with stints of swimming and trekking).
Adventure and Spirit provides different trips with various levels of descent, depending on your fitness level and tolerance for adrenaline.



9. Paraglide
Those who want to experience the Bukit from above can do so by gliding from the top of a cliff while looking down the beautiful Bali coastline.
While this activity makes those of us with fear of heights shudder, apparently the experience is very peaceful and serene. The “floating” feeling supposedly makes it less scary. 

Bali Paragliding Adventure Tours  at Timbis received raving comments from TripAdvisor reviewers.

Photo: Flickr

10. Hang out with the bats at Goa Lawah
About 1.5 hours from Denpasar, Goa Lawah is a temple built on a cave inhibited by bats. It’s actually got a nice backdrop, as it’s located in the coastal cliffs. The temple is one of Bali’s most sacred temples that is believed to protect Bali from evil spirits.
The bats, just in case you’re wondering, are small fruit bats and can usually be found sleeping hanging down the cave (see below). Given devout worshippers come to this temple every year, they are pretty harmless. However, local legends say that there is a giant snake that also lives inside the cave and feeds on the bats. That thought alone is enough to give us non-daring and brave souls the chills.

Photo: Flickr 

11. Freediving
Like Jetpacking, freediving is also one of the latest water-activities that has hit Bali. Freediving relies on you to hold your breath until resurfacing (so you’d want to be quite fit as well as brave and daring to try this).
Like paragliding, relaxation is an important part of free-diving and is taught as part of the course in addition to water-skills and breathing technique. Providers offering freediving courses in Bali include Apnea Bali, Apneista and Fusion (Apneista and Fusion also provides yoga training—possibly to help those wannabe freedivers who aren’t used to relaxation). 




Photos at the top: Buggy food/Flickr (L), Jetpacking/Bali Jetpacks (R)


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