‘Potato Head’ name born as counter to elegant and exclusive Jakarta culture

Potato Head Beach Club in Petitenget is a household name in Bali, famous for its iconic sunsets and award-winning cocktails. 

But where does that odd, quirky name come from?

A recent interview with the beach club’s founder, Ronald Akili, was enlightening about not only how the place got its name but also its deep Indonesian roots and commitment to spreading “Indonesian soft power”. 

For instance, you might be surprised to learn that Potato Head is an Indonesian brand (esp after hearing certain allegations) and that as swanky and fancy as Potato Head can feel compared to beach bar hangs at Double-Six, it was actually created counter to the trendy, showy Jakarta scene. 

“In Jakarta, people wanted to have something elegant, something exclusive. And we wanted to create the opposite,” Akili said in his interview with Talk Asia

“We wanted to name it something catchy, something fun, hence Potato Head.”

Much of the interview focused on Akili’s use of Indonesian artwork, suppliers, and materials, down to the last brick (literally!) in the Potato Head Family’s freshly opened Katamama Hotel

With the spreading of the Potato Head Empire to Singapore and now Hong Kong, Akili says he is focusing on showing the world what Indonesia is all about—not just traditional Indonesia, but the contemporary stuff of his generation. 

Looks like Australia, particularly Sydney and Melbourne will be next to get a taste of contemporary Indonesian business and there’s a potential project in LA, according to Akili. 

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