Bali ranked as one of Asia’s most vegan-friendly places

Bali has been hailed as one of the top ten vegan-friendly cities in Asia on a list made by American animal rights organization, PETA. 

This comes as no surprise whatsoever to anyone who’s ever to been to the island, particularly jungle town Ubud. The town is filled with vegan-dedicated and vegan-friendly restaurants like the Seeds of Life, dubbed the world’s largest raw food community per square meter and Moksa, a plant-based farm-to-table hot spot.

Heck, Bali has even put on its own Vegan Festival set in Ubud if that’s not telling enough about the innovation and popularlity of vegan food on the island. 

While the fermented soybean product tempeh is a staple meat substitute amongst locals and travelers alike in Bali. 

“From the 100 percent vegan menu at The Seeds of Life to the meat-free traditional Indonesian foods served up by 9 Warung, the vegan dining scene in Ubud has exploded,” Jason Baker, vice president of international campaigns for PETA Asia said in a statement released to Coconuts Bali. 

“The city has secured a spot on PETA’s list because of its vibrant and delicious cuisine that’s kind to animals, the environment, and diners’ health alike.”

Bali placed 8th on the list, with Taipei, Singapore, and Chiang Mai taking the top three spots. See the full list here

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