‘Canggu Hipsters’ and ‘Hungry in Ubud’: YouTuber parodies Bali trends

Natasha Tjahjadi sings about Bali stereotypes.
Natasha Tjahjadi sings about Bali stereotypes.

If you haven’t noticed, Canggu’s been invaded by man buns, while vegans have taken over Ubud. 

Poking fun at these two Bali hoods that are so popular with bule (the kind who always use the hashtag #wanderlust), a YouTuber has gifted us with two apparently original numbers, “Canggu Hipsters” and “Hungry in Ubud.” 

The videos, posted in 2016 by YouTube user Natasha Tjahjadi, are “just for fun,” according to the ‘Gu’ song’s caption. 

Lyrics like “Just because your hair is long enough to tie in a bun don’t make you the one,” and “Canggu hipsters, go home / Pack up your surfboards and leave us alone / Stop hogging all the waves that you can’t even ride,” definitely have us LOL-ing. 

While our Ubud favorites include: “I’m on my way to Ubud with Ketut / Going to pay a fortune to prove that I’m better and more spiritual than you,” and “I’m going to yoga my way to serenity / Only eat food that’s wheat-free. And MSG-free, sugar-free, fat-free, taste-free / So I can be free / But I’m so hungry.”

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