Wounded NLD candidate says he wants to reassure voters that he’s OK

National League for Democracy candidate Naing Ngan Lin came back to Thaketa township today in an attempt to show voters that he’s doing alright after being attacked six days ago while campaigning in the same area.
“I heard that people are saying they wanted to see me,” he said from the sun-roof of his van as supporters greeted him. “Actually, we will already win even if I don’t come here. But people wanted to see me. That’s why I came here.”
Residents came out in droves, lining a main street in the township and cheering each time Naing Ngan Lin, who had to travel in a van because of his injuries, emerged to wave, receive flowers or talk to the media.
Organizers put on quite the show, bringing in hundreds of trishaws that trailed behind the candidate’s convoy.

Cars also followed with music and dozens of men walked alongside the van creating a human chain to keep things moving.
Signs of the attack, which occurred during a campaign event on October 29 and included weapons described as both machetes and swords – were visible.
Stitches trailed down the left side of his forehead to his eye. Both arms were wrapped in bandages up to the elbows. He bore the worse of the violence but several people with him were also treated for injuries.  
Police have three suspects in custody.
Than Htun, a 50-year-old Thaketa resident, described Naing Ngan Lin as his “hero.”
“He fought the sword-holder for other people. He sacrificed so the others would not get wounded that night.”
Photos / Aung Naing Soe / Coconuts Yangon

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