WATCH: Uplifting animation on voter rights in Myanmar

One of the most inventive productions to come out of Phandeeyar’s recent “Election Createathon” is a one-minute long animation on voting.
The video is simple: A woman at the ballot box is approached by all sorts of people trying to influence her decision, including a guy smoking a cheroot and pointing at a picture of himself. A politician, no doubt.
She ignores them all and votes. The piece of paper falls into the box and flutters outward to reveal an outline of Myanmar, then a crowd at a football game, and finally, a landscape of Yangon.
At the end, the woman appears again alongside a caption: “I voted by deciding carefully. And you?”
Watch it here:

The “createathon” took place last weekend. Over two days artists and designers came together at tech hub Phandeeyar in Yangon to devise eye-catching voter education tools.
Civil society groups are free to use the tools to get people interested in voting and to know their rights.
The animation was described a “crowd favorite” and was made by a team of designers who called themselves Bake Chee, which means “Last” in Burmese.
Photo / Screenshot of YouTube video

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