Myanmar migrant worker investigated for murder by Thai police

A female Myanmar worker is being interrogated for murder after killing another Myanmar worker who allegedly tried to enter her house and sexually assault her.

The incident took place last Saturday in tambon Bang Sao Thong located in central Thailand’s Samut Prakan Province. According to Kumudra,the building where the attack occurred was largely inhabited by Myanmar workers.

Speaking to police, 21-year-old Su Su Zin recounted that she was about to take a bath when someone knocked on her door. Thinking it was her sister, she answered the door in just her towel, and a man pushed his way in and attempted to sexually assault her. Su Su Zin quickly grabbed a nearby kitchen knife and stabbed her attacker, killing him on the spot.

The deceased has only been identified as 20-year-old Nai, reports the Bangkok Post.

A friend of the deceased told the Post that the man had been living with him on the second floor of the same building as Su Su Zin for the past week. On the morning of the attack, the man left their shared room without telling his friend where he was going.

Several witnesses, along with Su Su Zin, were taken to the Bang Sao Thong police station for questioning. Police are also reviewing footage from the building’s security cameras.

Kyaw Thaung, director of the Myanmar Association in Thailand, told Kumudra that it was imperative that the Myanmar Embassy in Thailand take charge of the investigation.

“The main thing to ensure is that the relevant officials at the Myanmar embassy are closely monitoring the case and taking the necessary actions. As long as they’re not doing anything, the life of a Myanmar worker in Thailand is not worth that of a chicken or a dog,” he said

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