Myanmar man chews rocks in protest against corruption

Rakhine State resident Win Aung chews a rock to protest his area’s poor roads.

Have you ever been so frustrated by corruption that you decided to chew a bunch of rocks?

That’s exactly what one disgruntled resident of Manaung, Rakhine State, did a couple weeks ago to protest against the corruption that he says has “eaten and chewed away” at the budget for road construction in the area.

“Look to see who has eaten and chewed away [the budget] to make a road that can be eaten and chewed away,” local man Win Aung says in a Facebook video that has been viewed nearly 600,000 times since March 23.

The text accompanying the video says the road is being built by the Shine Manaung Company.

“I’m just going to eat rocks now,” he declares, before chomping away at two different types of rock that he says are being used in the construction of a new road, arguing that corruption leads to the construction of roads that deteriorate after less than a year of use.

After chewing a few rocks and letting the dust escape his mouth as he denounces the mismanagement public funds, Win Aung ends his speech by spitting in disgust.

Here’s what netizens had to say about his performance:

Right. We need people who will do a task to completion and take responsibility. When they ask for a budget, they always ask for the highest budget.
How will our roads be good with rocks like these? Let’s please hold the people responsible for this accountable in an effective way.
He placed a chewable rock on the ground and chewed it, pretending it was from there. The rocks aren’t even the same type.

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