Local philanthropy groups are bringing clean water to citizens during city-wide water shortage

Photo: WikiCommons
Photo: WikiCommons

Although the government claimed that they would be working hard during the current water shortage to ensure that everyone in the city still had access to clean water, it seems that they haven’t exactly kept their word. Fortunately for citizens however, local philanthropy groups have stepped up.

Organizations such as the Shin Than Yay, Shwe Thanlyin, and Moe Say Da Nar philanthropy groups have been liaising with one another and taken it upon themselves to try their best to bring clean water to areas whose water supplies have been entirely discontinued, especially in poorer neighborhoods.

Speaking to Kumudra yesterday, Tun Tun Oo, chair of the Shin Than Yay group explained, “In some of these areas, there has been no water at all since last night. Some houses haven’t run into any problems because they have their own tube wells. However, lower-income households don’t have any means to store water and are facing a lot of difficulties.”

Working together, the groups have been bringing large 3200 and 500-gallon tank trucks filled with water to areas that have seen a serious shortage in water supply. They have also made plans to continue bringing water at nighttime to help out citizens in the evenings.

“During a period of water shortage like this, the YCDC should be doing something to sort out the problems. When we run low on water, we have to go to the [government owned] water tank; they don’t really want to give us the water, and ask us whose approval we have. We’re running into issues on our end as well, but we’ll be trying our best to continue helping out as much as we can,” said Tun Tun Oo.

The government had previously warned that different parts of the city would see varying decreases in their water supply, with certain areas suffering more than others. According to the groups, Thaketa, Thuwanna, and North and South Okklapa have all had their water supplies completely cut off and currently require the most assistance.

Thank god for hard-working everyday samaritans.

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