Elderly woman asks if her doll ‘companion’ can also come to care home (PHOTOS)

Tin Tin in her new home. Photo: Facebook / Twilight Villa Myanmar
Tin Tin in her new home. Photo: Facebook / Twilight Villa Myanmar

Well, here’s some Monday morning feels for everyone.

Over the weekend, the Twilight Villa, an old age home located in East Dagon Township, posted a short but overwhelmingly heartfelt post about their newest resident, an 87-year-old woman named Tin Tin.

Before coming to the villa, Tin Tin lived in a shelter in the backyard of her family’s compound, and found companion in the form of a baby doll.

“Her family couldn’t look after her anymore and asked us to bring her to the villa. She never had a say in anything throughout her entire life. She always did and lived as she was told, so when the decision was made to send her to the villa, she accepted it without any complaints,” the post explained.

“She told our caretakers, ‘Just so you know, I can’t work anymore.’ We explained to her that she no longer had to work or take care of others, and it was time for her to live a life of being taken care of.”

While being looked after sounds great, we imagine Tin Tin was still sad and scared about having to leave behind her home and family. However, she didn’t put up a fight and when the villa’s caretakers were packing her things, she only had one request.

“She asked us if she could bring her companion baby, explaining ‘He doesn’t eat, and he’s always smiling.’ She was thrilled when we told her that she could bring him, and happily came with us to the villa.”

A large number of people who commented on the post expressed their horror at Tin Tin’s family for ‘deserting’ her. Like in many Asian countries, it is normal — and to a degree, expected — in Myanmar for children to look after their elderly relatives, especially parents.

“Only those whose parents have passed away know how lucky you are to get the opportunity to take care of your mother up to this age. I’m amazed at what kind of person can just desert their mother like this,” said one popular comment.

Another commenter wrote, “It’s time for Myanmar to have a law against children who abandon their parents.”

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