Convenience store owner robbed after being sprayed with unknown substance

Photo: WikiCommons / Andrew Magill
Photo: WikiCommons / Andrew Magill

A resident of Thaketa Township was robbed last night after the culprit — or possibly culprits — sprayed her with a substance that made her lose consciousness.

The incident took place around 10pm yesterday evening. The victim, Ma Htay, owns and runs a small convenience store. She didn’t see the attacker, and because it was so late in the night, there weren’t any witnesses outside either who could provide more information about the culprit.

“I don’t know if it was a man or a woman. I know they came into the store. I heard the sound of something being sprayed and smelled some sort of strong scent. I don’t remember anything else,” Ma Htay told 7Day.

By the time she regained awareness, the thief had made off with Ma Htay’s earnings for that day, several phone top-up cards, and a phone.

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