There’s been an explosion of cutesy coffee shops in Yangon over the past year. Most have popped up in areas with a comparatively dense concentration of cappuccino-guzzling foreigners: Inya Road, Nawaday Street, Pearl Condo.

But one of the latest, Meringue, on Nguwa Street, is a more blink-and-you’ll-miss-it affair. The café – which specializes in coffee and homemade desserts – opened in a quiet residential block off Ahlone Road in August.

The décor is stripped back but inviting with fairy lighting and bare wooden tables. A blackboard serves as the menu: coffee classics plus cheesecakes, quiches and sweet and savory waffles. Small pots of fluffy, deliciously rich homemade tiramisu (a little pricey at K3,000) stand on the counter.

Through the floor-to-ceiling glass front, Yangon life potters by.

It’s cozy and unusually quiet, aside from the saccharine pop soundtrack. The wifi is speedy. In other words, it’s an ideal – and, as yet, undiscovered – place to work. If only there were accessible plugs.

Fix that and we’ll all be there. Or don’t, and let it be our secret.

Meringue can be found at #60 Nguwa Street, Ahlone Township. Open daily from 8am until 9pm.

All photos / Meringue Cafe / Facebook

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