American ‘anti-vaxxers’ turn Myanmar’s symbol of freedom into celebration of stupid

A salute raised courageously by those losing their lives and liberty to oppose actual oppression has been adopted by Americans who just don’t want to take their medicine.

Anti-vaxxers in the United States in recent days have been using the three-finger salute popularized in Myanmar, Hong Kong and Thailand to oppose authoritarian rule to show their defiance toward free, voluntary vaccinations in thousands of TikTok videos.

Americas best and brightest in recent days have been sharing their contempt for science in shout-outs to their “unvaccinated brothers and sisters” while making the gesture and whistling a four-tone melody – both adopted from the Hunger Games films – to #WhistleBack against vaccinations that, again, no one is forcing them to get.

@conservativeant#duet with @the_jfg Keep it going!! 😆 #united #conservativeant #rollcall♬ SCREW ANTIVAXXERS AND GET YOUR VACCINE – 😋

The joke’s now on the uploaders after whoever uploaded the original whistling tune changed its title to Screw Antivaxxers and Get Your Vaccine, which now appears atop all of their posts. And many recent contributions are by people reacting in full cringe-mode to the posts.

@jasunmark##duet with @african_hippie♬ SCREW ANTIVAXXERS AND GET YOUR VACCINE – 😋

The three-finger salute, originally used by series heroine Katniss Everdeen as a gesture of defiance after the death of a friend and ally, migrated into the real world in 2014 in response to Thailand’s coup d’etat before spreading throughout the so-called Milk Tea Alliance nations of Hong Kong, Taiwan and Myanmar.

In addition to their fondness for baseless conspiracy theories, many of the TikTokkers appear united by their love of former President Donald Trump and large American flags.

It’s not the first time Americans on the far-right fringe have taken the wrong message from Myanmar. Earlier this year, the QAnon faithful expressed delight over the coup d’etat based on the “stolen election” claims shared by Trump and the Tatmadaw.

@conservativekelsGather! #transvaxinite #teamGod #antivaccine #ConjuringHorror♬ SCREW ANTIVAXXERS AND GET YOUR VACCINE – 😋


@gmgjr#unvaxed #unmasked #unbothered #kansas #unvaccinated #covid19 #plandemic #fyp #foryoupage #duet #stitchthis #notaconspiracy♬ SCREW ANTIVAXXERS AND GET YOUR VACCINE – 😋


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