22 Yangon townships to see decrease in water supply from March 1-6

We would suggest holding off any pre-Thingyan shenanigans until after March 6. Photo: Flickr / amanderson2
We would suggest holding off any pre-Thingyan shenanigans until after March 6. Photo: Flickr / amanderson2

If you hadn’t heard by now, Yangon is having a mini collective freak-out as news that the water supply in certain townships will be cut off for nearly a week have spread across social media.

While the news is true, the YCDC already has plans in place to make sure that no part of Yangon is ever completely without any water.

“To help ease any difficulties during this period, our department has arranged water taps in the areas affected by the decrease in water supply,” an official from the YCDC’s Water and Sanitation Department told Kumudra.

“Additionally, we’ve liaised with the fire departments in the respective townships to hand out water and ensure that people’s water supply is never completely cut off.” While the effort is appreciated, it still kind of sucks that we might have to go to our local fire station for water.

So why is our wonderful city being thrown into such water-less pandemonium in the midst of the hot season? Basically, the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation’s Irrigation and Water Resource Utilisation Departments will be cleaning and fixing the drains of the War Da Lae gutter.

While the work is taking place, water supply to the Nyaung Napin facility — Yangon’s main water treatment plant — will be cut off. As a result, townships whose water is supplied by Nyaung Napin will receive less to no water from March 1 to March 6.

As for the information that everyone’s looking for, here — in alphabetical order, because we’re nice people — are all the townships that will be affected. Those with an asterisk (*) next to their names are ones that will be especially affected by the planned works.

  1. Ahlone
  2. Bahan
  3. Botahtaung
  4. Dagon Myothit (North, South, East, Seikkan)*
  5. Dawbon*
  6. Kyauktada
  7. Kyeemyindaing
  8. Lanmadaw
  9. Latha
  10. Mayangone
  11. Mingaladon
  12. Mingala Taungnyunt
  13. North Okkalapa*
  14. Pabedan
  15. Pazundaung
  16. Sanchaung
  17. Shwepyithar
  18. South Okkalapa*
  19. Tamwe*
  20. Thaketa*
  21. Thingangyun*
  22. Yankin

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