Sanchaung dog lovers commemorate Wa Doke with t-shirt sale

Source: May Phoo
Source: May Phoo

A Yangon couple has printed a series of t-shirts commemorating Wa Doke, the fat dog that lived and feasted at the Sanchaung beer station Win Star until his death in April.

“We just wanted to make a tribute t-shirt as we loved him, and also it’s also a good memory that every time we pass by Sanchaung Street, it reminds us of him,” said May Phoo, who recently began selling the t-shirts to her friends and to the public on Facebook. Her boyfriend and another friend designed the shirts.

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“We planned to print it out and see if other people still remember him and want one for themselves, and we are surprised other people love the idea, too,” she told Coconuts.

“The t-shirt will be a reminder of the icon of Win Star and also how stray dogs in Yangon are very friendly and not aggressive,” she added. “We hope this helps people to adopt more stray dogs rather than buying from breeders.”

To order a Wa Doke t-shirt, email May Phoo at

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