5 fusion menus to power up your lunch


With Yangon experiencing a rapid growth spurt of new restaurants, it’s not easy to know which to choose from. Fortunately, there is a sweet spot you can count on for a healthy and delicious meal — and within a reasonable budget, plus speedy delivery services for those too busy to leave the cubicles. Sprouts, on Yaw Min Gyi Road, has been serving up fresh and wholesome food for nearly 5 years.

Lunch time is upon us very soon, and we’re left with the uncertainty of deciding what to eat! We understand you’ve got already got a lot on your mind. Here are 5 menus to kickstart your lunch break and help you get back to work fully recharged:

  1. Smashed Avocado Toast

Maintain that steady energy-driven day with the signature grab-and-go menu, packed with fiber, protein, and unsaturated (i.e. “good”) fats. If you’re an avocado person, we wouldn’t be surprised if you went with this delight.

  1. Superfood Salad

If you’re late hopping on the quinoa trend, fear not because here’s a way to dine on healthy grains of quinoa supplemented with mildly charred roasted veggies, free range eggs, and a drizzle of basil vinaigrette.

  1. Thai Chicken Panini

A bite of the pocket-sized toasted panini, crunchy broccoli, low-fat grilled chicken juiced with spicy Thai peanut sauce can do no wrong for a quick protein-rich lunch before that monotonous conference call that’ll last a couple of hours.

  1. Vegan Rice Bowl

Don’t worry, vegans, we got you. Organic brown rice, topped with roasted pumpkin, green beans, crispy broccoli, and quinoa—topped with beetroot pesto dressing.  This delicious rice bowl is full of antioxidants to keep your body healthy.

  1. Tuna & Avocado Bowl

Your doctor can rest easy to hear that you’ve been eating well (not quantity, but quality) because you’ve been bulking up on healthy fat, protein, vitamins, and essential minerals — which you can get in full from Sprout’s healthy recipes, like this protein-packed tuna bowl.


Eat and check-in at Sprouts on Yaw Min Gyi Road (8am – 8pm daily), or order online at www.sproutsmyanmar.com have it delivered on your doorsteps.

Get your latest updates on fresh and healthy meals from Sprouts: https://www.facebook.com/sproutsmyanmar/

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