Woman throws fit after road accident on Changi South Avenue 2

Screenshots of a video showing an angry confrontation at Changi South Avenue 2. (Photo: Facebook/SG Road Vigilante)
Screenshots of a video showing an angry confrontation at Changi South Avenue 2. (Photo: Facebook/SG Road Vigilante)

No one (aside from the involved drivers) knows exactly how the accident that led to this confrontation happened — or even when it happened precisely — but has that ever stopped Singaporeans from reveling in a good old-fashioned viral shouting match?

No. No it has not. Cut to Changi South Avenue 2 “earlier this month” and bear witness to a woman throwing what medical doctors call “a fit” at a man with whom seems to have been involved in some sort of road collision.

In the two-minute video circulating on Facebook today, the woman can be heard screaming profanities at the man — who we’ll assume to be the driver of the other car for this exercise — before hitting him on the head with what kinda sorta looks like a closed fist after he nudges her with his arm.

A post courtesy of the ever-vigilant SG Road Vigilante Facebook group said the incident happened at some point this month without specifying the date. It also said that the side mirrors of both vehicles were damaged as a result of the incident.

The confrontation compelled one concerned passerby to rush over in an attempt to mediate what, frankly, appears to be a minor issue.

“Accident only! Accident only!” the white-clad Samaritan can be heard shouting as he runs toward the scene.

But the would-be peacemaker’s efforts failed to calm the situation as the woman went on to club the offending car with an object that looked like a baton, before then hurling it into the back of her truck.

The video also showed both the woman and man holding their phones and snapping as much visual evidence of the incident as possible, because nothing says unquenchable rage like taking pictures for evidence.

Then, as if finally realizing someone had been recording them the whole time, the man and the woman both turn to face the camera, though its the man who attempts to make his case.

“She hit first, ah. She girl, she hit me like that. I never hit her, ah,” he says.

And with that, we hope you enjoyed this latest edition of Singapore’s Favorite Traffic-Based Shouting Matches. Until next time, dear reader.

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