Grab driver and passenger bicker to the point that driver gets accused of hitting a pregnant woman

Video screengrab
Video screengrab

A dashcam video capturing a rather intense quarrel between a Grab driver and his passenger has gone viral on Facebook, if only for the dramatic escalation at the end of the ride.

Facebook user Md Aza shared a clip of his encounter on from Sunday afternoon when he picked up a couple in the industrial district of Bukit Batok. The ride started pretty cordially, with the husband requesting Aza to drive carefully as his wife is expecting a baby. The driver said that he’d try his best.

Video screengrab
Video screengrab

But barely a minute since the ride began, the passenger can be heard chiding Aza, telling him to either drive more carefully or drop them off somewhere. Both continue to bicker for the whole ride, with the passenger, in particular, refusing to let Aza have the last word. The passenger even tried to threaten the driver by hitting him with some knowledge about the Road Traffic Act, though the section about Reckless or Dangerous Driving wouldn’t apply at all in Aza’s case.

Video screengrab
Video screengrab

To his merit, the Grab driver remained calm throughout the ride, even after arriving at the destination. It was the passenger who suddenly became hysterical when Aza tried to call the Grab hotline (presumably to lodge a complaint) — the husband started yelling that he wants to call the cops. The clip doesn’t capture what’s happening inside the car, but Aza repeatedly tells his passenger not to touch him. The husband then takes the squabble to a whole new level when he opens the car door and loudly accused the driver of hitting his wife.

“I never hit you, don’t lie!” Aza can be heard saying to the wife, who joined in the dispute. The driver eventually drives out of the carpark, while the passenger recorded footage of his car. It should be noted that Aza barely goes over 40km/h in the ride that he was accused of driving dangerously.

In a statement to Coconuts Singapore regarding the incident, Grab affirmed that the company takes the safety of its customers, drivers, and passengers seriously.

“Grab does not tolerate such behavior and have temporarily suspended the passenger’s account while we do thorough investigations,” a Grab spokesperson assured, adding that the company is in touch with Aza to provide support.

Netizens are on Aza’s side as well, but unfortunately, xenophobia leaked out into the comments section, condemning the assumed nationality of the passenger.

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