WATCH: Aggro jaywalker confronts car driver for daring to obey traffic rules

Screengrab from video
Screengrab from video

Jaywalking is an offence in Singapore, in case you don’t know (or choose to live in ignorant bliss.) But despite that, it’s a common sight on roads, with some even doing it so nonchalantly that they seem to expect the cars to give way to them, even when the traffic lights aren’t in pedestrians’ favor.

The latest incident of an entitled jaywalker to go viral? A dude who crossed the traffic junction along Balestier Road last Thursday around 5pm. So confident was he of his safety that he didn’t look up from his phone. So sure was he of his right of way that he pointed to the red pedestrian light multiple times in a bold attempt to justify his actions.

Thankfully, the driver with the dash cam was quick to step on the brakes and avoid a potential accident. But even as the car hit the horn and tried to brush off the incident by inching forward to move off, the jaywalker refused to let it go, deliberately stepping in front of the vehicle with what looked like more angry accusations. Seconds later, his final “screw you” to the motorist was a kick (that turned out to be rather half-hearted.)

Watch the head-scratching clip below.

The sense of entitlement is strong with this one.

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