This guy jaywalked (while on the phone) right into the welcome embrace of the traffic police

Photo: Ashim D’Silva/Unsplash
Photo: Ashim D’Silva/Unsplash

In case you didn’t know, jaywalking is a crime in Singapore. That’s why most people wait patiently at traffic lights to cross the road, although you’ll see the odd impatient individual dashing across the street when the green man is deemed too far off and no uniformed officer is in sight.

However, one man took the offence to a whole new level when he strolled past a row of vehicles, all the while gazing down at his phone. Dude was so sure of his actions that he didn’t even glance at incoming traffic, which is in itself an incredibly dangerous move. (Don’t do it, kids.)

Unfortunately for the jaywalker, with his attention glued to his screen, he didn’t notice the presence of traffic police on the other side of the road, and sauntered straight into their waiting arms. What a warm embrace.

Apparently, the video surfaced some two years ago, but recently went viral again, thanks to the man who unwittingly committed an offence right in front of the authorities. Luckily for him, the Road Traffic Act fines for general pedestrian offences such as failing to cross at a pedestrian crossing used to be $20 — it’s since been revised to $50.

So the next time you’re thinking about ditching the overhead bridge or designated road crossing, recall this guy’s folly. And the fact that traffic police officers usually lurk around preferred jaywalking spots.

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