Burger King Singapore’s new burger has a strip of steak as a patty, but it’s not very good

Expectations VS Reality. Photo: Video screengrab; Facebook
Expectations VS Reality. Photo: Video screengrab; Facebook

While y’all were losing your minds over McDonald’s savory-sweet McGriddles, y’all were sleeping on Burger King, who low-key launched a burger that straight up has a slab of strip loin steak as its patty.

Making its debut across Burger King joints islandwide on Tuesday, the new Ultimate Striploin Steak Mushroom Swiss™ is described as “indulgence at its realest” — or so the fast food company claims. Basically, it’s an Ultimate Angus Mushroom Swiss™ burger (better than the Whopper™, to be honest), but with a full-length strip of grilled beef sandwiched with molten Swiss cheese and caramelized onions in between sourdough buns.

For real though, it’s hard to imagine Burger King putting an actual strip loin — a well-marbled beef cut that’s relatively tender, juicy and expensive — in a sandwich that costs $11.20. So at this point, we’re guessing it’s just a marketing moniker. Furthermore, pictures of the burger put up by various social media influencers showed that it has a pretty thin slice of beef, despite overflowing beyond the width of the buns. It’s no New York Steak, that’s for damn sure.

Knowing Burger King’s plebeian reputation in the realm of fast food here, you shouldn’t get your hopes up. In fact, patrons who claimed to have tried ‘em out have already dubbed the new entrée as “disappointing”, “dry”, “tough”, “overcooked”, “chewy and “waste of money”.

Pity — it had such potential to be awesome. Better luck next time, Burger King Singapore, we’re rooting for you.

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