McGriddles are returning, but Singaporeans want other McDonald’s cult-favorites to return too

Photo: McDonald’s Singapore
Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

Wake up and smell the junk food, you magnificent scoundrels — the McGriddles are back to clog your arteries first thing in the morning. Or rather, all day long because it won’t be just a breakfast menu offering.

The cult-favorite McDonald’s breakfast entrée is said to be making a big comeback on June 7, years after it was taken off the menu. It’s not a personal favorite of ours (still holding out hopes for Chicken McCrispy), but Singaporeans seemed to have loved the breakfast sandwich — cheese, egg and a sausage patty in between mini pancake griddle cakes with maple flavoring baked inside. Hell, there was a petition to bring it back at one point in time.

Since the years of its absence, folks replicated the taste of McGriddles by ordering the Breakfast Deluxe and using its syrup-laced Hotcakes to sandwich eggs and sausage for that sweet-savory taste.


McGriddles are officially launching on Jun 7, but word on the street is that the public can start ordering ‘em right now.

Arriving alongside the World Cup season specialties are the Chicken Pizza Kicks (regular ol’ pizza balls) and the Happy Sharing Box, consisting of 12 pieces of Chicken Pizza Kicks and eight pieces of McWings.

Photo: McDonald’s Singapore
Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

While some folks are grateful for the return of McGriddles, others took the opportunity to call for the return of other cult-favorite picks. Truly, we’ve hit peak nostalgia.

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