Amos Yee remains defiantly pro-pedophilia after YouTube takes down his channel

It took some time, but YouTube has shut down the channel of Amos Yee, the Singaporean vlogger who sought refuge in the United States over political persecution and is now a vocal pro-pedophilia activist.

If you’re asking why teen’s YouTube channel was taken down, it should be pretty obvious. After scoring refugee status and settling down in Chicago, it was initially believed that the 19-year-old would continue his political activism by putting out even more videos criticizing the Singapore government. After all, he is living in a nation where he’s able to exercise free speech without worry of conviction like he was here.

But Icarus got too close to the sun, and his newfound freedom in expressing whatever his wee heart desired turned into a troubling campaign to defend pedophilia. Yee truly believes that the age of consent should be abolished, and he remains genuinely perplexed on why believers of free speech aren’t taking his side.

After months of continued questionable content published on his YouTube channel, the video-sharing platform finally gave him the boot last Saturday. It wouldn’t be surprising at all if folks had been flagging Yee’s controversial videos for violating community guidelines — one of which involves a strict “Child endangerment policy”.

Photo: YouTube screengrab

As for the teen, he remains upbeat about losing all his YouTube subscribers that he accumulated over a couple of years, and is hopeful about continuing his pro-pedophilia activism on his Facebook page and website. After all, the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) — only the biggest pedophile and pederasty advocacy organization in the world — just endorsed his views, so why stop the depravity?

Not learning anything from his YouTube channel being taken down, Yee continues to express his explicit support about pedophilia, with his latest post compiling “credible, peer-reviewed studies that prove that most adult-child sexual relationships are not harmful but beneficial”.

It’ll probably take a bit more time for Facebook to do anything about Yee though, seeing as the social media platform has their hands full with other things.

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