Amos Yee slapped with 2 weeks jail, $2k fine for wounding religious feelings of Muslims

Refusing to learn his lesson in his last rodeo with Singapore laws concerning hate speech, teenage blogger Amos Yee landed another stint in jail a year after getting convicted of similar charges

Channel NewsAsia reported that the infamous 17-year-old rabble rouser was sentenced to six weeks in jail as well as a $2,000 fine for wounding religious feelings again. This time, however, he was convicted for offending Muslims. 

The offensive content he put up comprised of two vlogs and an image with the deliberate intention to insult Muslims. He had also uploaded content criticising the beliefs of Christians after a long period silence on social media, with many netizens alleging that he was on the run from the police. 

Yee’s trial, which began last month, revealed that a total of 24 police reports had been lodged against him in relation to the six counts he faced for wounding religious feelings. He pleaded guilty to three charges of wounding Muslim and Christian feelings as well as two charges for failing to show up at a police station. 

The part about him running away from the police was revealed to be sorta true — he travelled to Hong Kong in December last year after getting served a notice requiring him to attend a police interview. 

He returned to Singapore earlier in April (and wasted no time uploading more videos criticising religions) and the police dropped by his house to serve the second notice. 

Also, he claimed to have been attacked by a stranger at Jurong Point Mall. Not many stepped in to help the teen. 

Yee tried to leave the country again a day before the scheduled police interview, but was arrested on May 11 before getting his ass dragged to court to face trial.

He resigned to his fate and posted on his Facebook page that he’ll be starting his jail sentence on Oct 13. 


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