For the third year in a row, Philippines ranks first in time spent on social media

In a report published on Sunday by We Are Social, a social media analytics group, Filipinos were found to have spent the most time on social media.

This is the third year in a row that the Philippines bagged this honor.

According to the report, the average user in the country spends almost four hours on social media every day.

Brazil followed with an average of 3 hours and 39 minutes spent on social media a day, followed by Indonesia and Thailand who spend 3 hours and 23 minutes, and 3 hours and 10 minutes on social media daily.

The time Filipinos spend on social media, however, did decrease compared to 2016, where the same report found Filipinos were spending 4 hours and 17 minutes on social media a day. And in 2015, Filipinos were spending about 5.2 hours a day on social media.

But another survey the Philippines consistently ranks number one in (aside from spending the most time on PornHub) is having the slowest internet in Asia.

So the question is: Are we spending a lot of time on social media and porn because we have a lot of time on our hands? Or is it our snail-paced internet speed?

Last year, Entrepreneur Philippines plotted a graph comparing We Are Social’s ranking of time spent on social media versus a country’s internet speed.

Although they did not draw definite conclusions, they did find that countries with slower average bandwidth spent more time on social media, while countries with faster internet spent less time on social media daily.

What do you guys think?

Let us know in the comments below.

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