Mocha Uson resigns as PH Communications Assistant Secretary

Photo: ABS-CBN News
Photo: ABS-CBN News

Has Mocha Uson finally had enough?

Controversial Duterte supporter and blogger Mocha Uson just announced earlier today that she will be resigning from her post as an assistant secretary of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO).

She made the announcement during a Senate hearing earlier today of the PCOO’s 2019 budget, The Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.

Uson, who has over 5 million followers on Facebook, has been in a string of controversial videos recently, which includes the lewd Pepedederalismo cheer with fellow Duterte supporter Drew Olivar. More recently, the pair also appeared in a video where they were making fun of sign language.

However, Uson has long been infamous for spreading fake news online, which started during President Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign in 2016.

In August last year, the hashtag #FireMocha went viral on Twitter after netizens criticized her for spreading false information about opposition senators and Vice President Leni Robredo.

In April, a group of youth activists also filed a complaint against her at the Office of the Ombudsman, also for spreading fake news.

So it’s no surprise that many netizens are happy about her decision to resign.

Twitter user @gelicasroses wrote in all caps: “MOCHA USON HAS RESIGNED FROM HER POST. HALLELUJAH!”

Another Twitter user by the handle @jgrxcx said: “I was sad af today but I heard the news abt Mocha Uson resigning from PCOO… THIS MADE MY DAY!!!!”

@StphnDrl said: “Mocha Uson, you did the right thing. I wish you success in all your future endeavors (if there is any). Okay, bye!”


@notmebutmycat said: “THE INCOMPETENT MOCHA USON RESIGNED? [A]nother win for the human race. [Y]ou wasted my taxes for years.”

But critics shouldn’t rejoice too much because this may not be the last they’ll see of her.

In an ambush interview with Inquirer, Mocha said she’s open to run for the 2019 midterm elections, but unsure if it’s to seek a seat at the Philippine Senate or the House of Representatives.

Many of her devoted fans also think she should run.

Facebook user Jesus Sasam Ponce Jr. said: “Now that you have resigned from your post Mocha, it is High time to run for a Senate post, that If you want to continue serving the public. Goodluck to your future endeavors and Thank you for your Service with our Mayor (President Rodrigo Duterte).. LONG LIVE…”

Anthony Soliven added: “My support for Mocha is stronger than ever. Go run for the senate Mocha, I’ll chip in & volunteer for you.”

Spocky Farolan wrote: “Run for the Senate. Or district rep. I will vote for you. Thank you for your service. You deserve to be where you would be happiest.”

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