Life Imitates Meme: Manila students spot white cat, replicate viral photo

<i>Photo: Lorenzo Aramil/FB</i>
Photo: Lorenzo Aramil/FB

Two students from Manila have become internet-famous since last week after they imitated one of this year’s most viral images — the “Woman Yelling at a Cat” meme.

Not familiar with that? Allow us to explain.

The meme in question is a photo collage showing a teary-eyed blonde woman — reality TV star Taylor Armstrong — screaming and pointing at someone off-camera while being held back by her then-Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Camille Grammer.

The other image in the collage is of a white cat (named Smudge, aka Table Cat), looking more than a little irritated while seated in front of a plateful of vegetables. The meme has been shared millions of times, and repurposed into countless variations, including the now-infamous “Sasa Lele” version below. (Don’t ask us to explain why, but apparently that slightly unorthodox “SALE” sign really resonated people.)

Photo: The Rojak Daily
Photo: The Rojak Daily

Now, San Beda University classmates Lorenzo Aramil and Yogee Lopez have also gotten in on the craze, creating their own version of the meme while dining at a hole-in-the-wall eatery on Mendiola Street.

Aramil and Lopez were eating lunch when a white cat suddenly appeared right in front of them, perching on the chair vacated by one of their friends and eyeing them from across a half-eaten plate. It was obviously a sign from the universe that they were destined to become a part of internet history.

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“We kept laughing at it because he sat [on the chair] the same way that the cat positioned himself in the meme,” Aramil said. “So we didn’t let the opportunity pass and we posed just like the meme.”

Aramil took on the role of Grammer, while Lopez tried his best to act like the hysterical Armstrong — although he apparently couldn’t help but smile as the photo was being taken. Even so, for their antics, the friends became a viral hit, and their photo has been shared almost 32,000 times since it was posted.

Aramil said that he was surprised that they became such a big hit, adding that he and Lopez haven’t seen the white cat since last week.

“We haven’t gone back to that eatery since we posted the photo because we had exams,” he said.

Well, fellas, next time you see that white cat, tell him he has become a star.

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