De La Salle University holds graduation ceremony for campus cat Archer

Photo: Gia Lara of the Petograpiya
Photo: Gia Lara of the Petograpiya

Would your school throw a whole graduation ceremony for just one campus cat? Probably not, but this university did.

An orange-and-white male feline named Archer is now a card-carrying alumnus of De La Salle University-Manila (DLSU) after it graduated in a ceremony at the Henry Sy Sr. Grounds yesterday.

In the photos posted by DLSU’s official student publication The La Sallian, Archer can be seen being carried on stage in a cage, wearing a black graduation cap.

There was also a program and cat tour attended by students and fans of the unofficial school mascot.

Archer is one of the well-known cats living inside the DLSU campus. Earlier this month, professor Laureen Velasco, a core member of the DLSU-PUSA (De La Salle University-Professors for the Upliftment for Society’s Animals) announced that Archer will be adopted and will leave the campus due to medical reasons.

“We cannot guarantee he will not be fed human food which is bad for his fatty liver level,” Velasco told The LaSallian.

A Twitter user by the name @_SleepyFire also posted a video of Archer and said: “Yall our campus cat Archer had his ‘graduation’ and he ran away after being presented.”

In a way, Archer’s graduation is actually his going-away party as he will officially live in Antipolo, Rizal with his new hooman named Jenny Enopia, a former campus security personnel. The two go back to the year 2013 where they met at the Henry Sy Sr. Hall Information booth.

“I didn’t expect that Archer would get sick because I knew he was fine here. [But] I’m happy because ever since before, I’ve been planning to take him home,” Enopia told DLSU’s campus TV station Archers Network in Filipino.

Archer merchandise was also sold at the feline’s graduation day to fund his transportation costs and medicine.

Photo: Gia Lara of the Petograpiya

A lot of netizens congratulated Archer on his graduation day and wished him well.

“This is so nice of DLSU! Good job, Lasallians. And Congratulations, Archer,” said Twitter user @jasperxerestain.


Yup, it’s legit: the cat really has a lifetime alumni card.

@lahzuhlpls wrote: “Ok but is there a better grad pic than this???? Congrats, Archer!”

@AjieJugueta wrote: “La Salle just held a graduation ceremony for Archer the Cat 😭💚 with matching lifetime alumni card pa!!!

I hope you’ll be happy with your new family, Archer! DLSU will miss you.”

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