Different DDS, weirdos: Facebook page in India tells Duterte supporter spammers to back off

<i>Photo: DDS Confessions / FB</i>
Photo: DDS Confessions / FB

Don’t look now (or look because it’s bound to be juicy)—but it seems scores of President Rodrigo Duterte’s loyal fanbase have committed a cross-country digital faux pas recently, and the internet is having quite a laugh about it.

This much was apparent when “DDS Confessions,” a Facebook page of student alumni at Daisy Dales Senior Secondary School in India issued a clapback to confused Duterte fans who have apparently been spamming their page for political reasons.

If you’ve been around these parts long enough, you’ll know that DDS in the Philippines, immediately translates to “Diehard Duterte Supporters,” the collective name fondly given to the chief executive’s legion of fans. A page called DDS Confessions might as well be catnip to these quarantined cats.

The New Delhi school’s page administrators on Tuesday had to address the uncomfortable gaffe which appeared to have been bothering them for sometime. “Chinese/Philippino (sic) weirdos, please pay attention,” they wrote.

“Over the past few weeks 100s of you have liked this page and started spamming the posts for reasons beyond my understanding,” the administrator said, maintaining that “This is not a cult/political page,” and “DDS is a school located in INDIA.”

“For the love of whatever you guys worship, please stop,” the group’s admin hilariously pointed out, before singing off “with love, admins.”

DDS alumni – Please ignore this postChinese/Philippino weirdos – Please pay attentionOver the past few weeks 100s of…

Posted by DDS Confessions on Tuesday, May 12, 2020

But the clapback, it seemed, continued in the comments section. After the administrator a day after posting wrote, “If this bullshit doesn’t stop, I may actually turn this into a Lord Duterte meme page.”


Photo: DDS Confessions / FB

Filipinos, meanwhile, like user Angelo Arnaldo, were quick to respond, “Sorry. We got  a lot of dumb supporters of the president. We are not part of that ‘cult’.”

Photo: DDS Confessions / FB

While people like Aljon Yap have written in jest that DDS Confessions might be passing out on a real opportunity. “What a shame. There are 16 million of them in the Philippines,” he said.

Photo: DDS Confessions / FB

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While thoughts from actual Diehard Duterte Supporters may have been absent from the comments section, it seems they’ve been taking other courses of action, as apparent from the admin’s post this afternoon.

“Hey Fantastic Filipino Friends, this page is being mass reported by Satan’s tumor’s little tumors, initiated by another page called ‘Crabbler,'” its administrator alerted.

“If this page gets deleted soon, just know that it’s been an honour interacting with y’all,” they wrote.

“To the dipshits reporting, Give it your best shot. You can report & ban a tiny page from India but you can’t ban your own smart younger generation,” they added.

Hey Fantastic Filipino Friends,This page is being mass reported by Satan's tumor's little tumors, initiated by another…

Posted by DDS Confessions on Wednesday, May 13, 2020



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