Dude creates hilarious memes of Duterte fans’ favorite clapbacks

Image: Carlos Kabigting/FB
Image: Carlos Kabigting/FB

A young engineer has gone viral since yesterday after he created and posted several memes that featured common clapbacks used by the Diehard Duterte Supporters (DDS), the collective name for President Rodrigo Duterte’s legion of fans.

Carlos Miguel Kabigting, 23, posted the memes which he created using the popular Retro Wave template and wrote, “Hey DDS, just get these [memes] while they’re still hot. It’s free and you don’t have to bother replying [to arguments].”

Below are some of the memes that Kabigting made, as well as their respective translations in English. Most netizens thought they were hilarious, and the post has been shared almost 9,000 times.

Photo: Carlos Kabigting/FB
Photo: Carlos Kabigting/FB

“You should just become the country’s president,” read one meme.

Image: Carlos Kabigting/FB
Image: Carlos Kabigting/FB

“You suddenly became a political analyst, huh?” reads another.

Image: Carlos Kabigting/FB
Image: Carlos Kabigting/FB

“I’m not a Duterte supporter, but…” then proceeds to say something that supports the president. 

Image: Carlos Kabigting/FB
Image: Carlos Kabigting/FB

This one reads: “Is that how your parents brought you up?!?”

Image: Carlos Kabigting/FB
Image: Carlos Kabigting/FB

And it gets testier with: “You f*cking communist, you should die!”

Image: Carlos Kabigting/FB
Image: Carlos Kabigting/FB

The current favorite: “Why? What have you contributed [to the country]?”

In an interview with Coconuts Manila on Facebook Messenger, Kabigting said he used an app called PhotoFunia to create the memes, which took him at least 40 minutes to make.

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“I have a group chat with high school friends and we usually talk about current events,” he said. “I just suddenly thought of creating the ‘Why? What have you contributed [to the country]? meme”

“My friends thought it was funny so I proceeded to use the other common lines which I see on Facebook and those I often hear. I also gave my own take on those posts for comedic purposes.”

While most people think the memes are amusing, he also expectedly attracted his share of his criticisms. He said one of the comments that struck him most was from a DDS who accused him of spreading “negative vibes.”

“But I don’t really care about them, to be honest. The conversation won’t progress if you don’t pay them attention,” he said.

Kabigting said he prefers to spend more time thinking of ways to help solve the country’s problems.

“I’m trying to think of ways to properly address the public issues we’re currently facing but so far, the solutions I can think of involve a lot of money and influence. Maybe this is my way of influencing people, so money is the only thing missing. Joke!”

The young engineer said that he plans to establish a business after the Luzon lockdown to make money, and do his part in improving the government.

“We have long realized that if you want to make a dent on the government’s system, you really need a lot of power and money. So after spending time with my loved ones, [I] will venture out on different ways to make money,” he said.

Good luck Carlos, and whatever you do, always have fun!


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