PH cable channel airs pirated copy of ‘Avengers: Endgame’

Avengers: Endgame. Photo:
Avengers: Endgame. Photo:

Avengers: Endgame is the most awaited movie of the past decade, so imagine getting spoiled when you suddenly see it on TV.

That’s what happened to Twitter user @blanchnovax while casually surfing channels at around 11am on April 25, Thursday, just a day after the film premiered in the Philippines. She immediately shared a photo of her TV on social media, which shows a scene with Nebula from Guardian of the Galaxy.

She has since set her Twitter to private but other netizens also shared her post or posted other photos of the airing.

Photo: @blanchnovax/Twitter.

In a Facebook message to Coconuts Manila, @blanchnovx, who declined to have her name published, said that she was shocked when she saw Endgame on TV, especially because she planned to watch it in a cinema with her cousin. To make matters worse, the bootleg copy wasn’t even that great.

“The video was recorded inside the cinema, in which you can’t hear clearly what the actors’ dialogue was and you can also hear the viewers reactions,” she said. “You can also see some people walking pass (sic) the cinema screen.”

Not how anyone wants to watch a blockbuster hit.

The Philippine News Agency (PNA) identified that it was the Dipolog, Zamboanga del Norte-based Orient Cable that aired the movie in one of its channels. The Cinema Teatro de Dapitan complained to the police upon finding out and has sued the cable provider.

A day after the film was aired on TV, Cinema Teatro de Dapitan also posted a reminder on its Facebook page that it takes violations against the Anti-Camcording Law very seriously.

“Anyone caught violating the said law will be dealt with accordingly and in serious manner,” its caption reads.

We always take such issues very seriously. Anyone caught violating the said law will be dealt with accordingly and in serious manner.#NoToPiracy #PiracyIsStealing #StealingIsACrime

Teatro De Dapitan 发布于 2019年4月25日周四

According to @blanchnovx, the movie was aired by a community channel available exclusively to those subscribed to the cable provider.

Orient Cable employee Marny Moria told Coconuts over the phone that they have no comment on the issue at the moment.

@blanchnovx said that the channel usually airs pirated movies. After it was called out for airing Endgame, it allegedly replaced it with a pirated version of the local superhero film Captain Barbel, PNA reported.

The cable provider is in much deeper trouble than just internet infamy. It could also be charged for violating Republic Act 8293 (RA) or the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines and RA 10088 or the Anti-Camcording Act of 2010.

The Cap is not pleased.

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