Fellini in the Philippines: Italian MovieMov filmfest goes digital on its fifth year

From Federico Fellini’s 1960 film La Dolce Vita <i>Photo: Film Development Council of the Philippines </i>
From Federico Fellini’s 1960 film La Dolce Vita Photo: Film Development Council of the Philippines

Fancy catching a Fellini? Oh stop snickering, we meant a film by Federico Fellini, guys.

The annual Italian MovieMov film festival, which kicked off yesterday and will run until April 26, is premiering its first-ever virtual cinema which you can stream on the My Movies Italia website for free.

Six films which are a good slice of contemporary and Italian classics, will be streamed until Sunday. The film fest kicked off with Laura Chiossone’s 2019 comedy Genitori Quasi Perfetti (“Parents in Progress”) and will conclude with the classic 1960 Federico Fellini comedy-drama La Dolce Vita (“The Sweet Life”), plus a bonus film later that day (more about it below). Not everyone can watch these movies though, because only 300 attendees can watch each film, which will be screened only at specific dates and times. But the good news is that there’s no need to sign up or create an account.

Here are the films included in the fest.

Lontano Lontano (“Citizens of the World”), by Gianni DiGregorio

When you’re in the mood for comedy, adventure, and drama

Streams: April 22, Wednesday, 9pm

Three elderly Italians decide to quit their community life and settle for greener pastures abroad. See how this adventure pans out for a retired Latin professor, a destitute Roman native, and a hippie antique dealer.

La Dea Fortuna  (“The Goddess of Fortune”), by Ferzan Ozpetek

When you’re in the mood for comedy and drama

Streams: April 23, Thursday, 9pm

Lovers Alessandro and Arturo are in a romantic rut after hitting 15 years of living together. But their relationship and daily routine are given a jolt when a friend asks them to babysit two of her kids for a few days out of the blue. A series of crazy and unexpected turns jump off from there.

Il Testimone Invisible (“The Invisible Witness”), by Stefano Mordini

When you’re in the mood for crime and thriller

Streams: April 24, Friday, 9pm

Adriano wakes up in a hotel room next to the body of his dead lover, Laura. The door is locked from the inside and there’s no evidence of anybody else in the room, so he’s naturally charged with murder despite pleading innocence. A high-profile criminal lawyer represents him as every character in the film (and the audience) tries to figure out if the character really is innocent in this whodunnit thriller.

Fiore Gemello (“Twin Flower”), by Laura Luchetti

When you’re in the mood for drama and thriller

Streams: April 25, Saturday, 9pm

Sixteen-year-old Anna is on the run to escape a traumatizing, violent event that prompts her to lose her voice. On the road, she meets Basim, a 16-year-old (what a coincidence) illegal immigrant from the Ivory Coast. The two set off for the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, where they hope to find shelter and peace.

La Dolce Vita (“The Sweet Life”) by Federico Fellini

When you’re in the mood for drama and comedy

Streams: April 26, Sunday, 5pm

A restless journalist who writes for the society pages grapples with the incidence of his long-time girlfriend overdosing on drugs. This leads him to set off on a journey to find a “sweet life,” and in the process meets a couple of characters who make him rethink love and happiness.

Il Colpo del Cane (“The Dog Snatch”) by Fulvio Risuleo

When you’re in the mood for comedy and adventure

Streams: April 26, Sunday, 9pm

Rana and Marti lose a rich lady’s French bulldog on their first day as dog sitters. The girls set out to find the dog and later realize that it was stolen by a phony vet named Dr. Mopsi. They launch into an investigation of the sketchy character and why he kidnapped the dog.

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