Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna are in a relationship, and Pinoys are invested

Derek Ramsay and partner Ellen Adarna. Photo: Ramsay/IG
Derek Ramsay and partner Ellen Adarna. Photo: Ramsay/IG

While a lot of Filipinos were patiently waiting for the arrival of the donated COVID-19 vaccines, actors Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna have confirmed that they are dating on Saturday, after weeks of appearing in each other’s social media feeds.

It’s not surprising because these two have never tried to hide their affection for each other. What is absurd about the whole sitch is that Filipinos seem to be strangely invested in the whole thing. Why?

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Perhaps much of the fascination stems from the fact that they have had colorful dating histories. Ramsay’s last (ex) girlfriend was Andrea Torres, whom everyone thought he was going to end up marrying. He also had high-profile relationships with Angelica Panganiban, Solenn Heussaff, Cristine Reyes, and model Joanne Villablanca.

Adarna, on the other hand, recently ended a relationship with actor John Lloyd Cruz (who also dated Panganiban), and with whom she has a son, Elias. She was also linked to basketball player JC Intal, presidential son Sebastian Duterte, and briefly dated Ejay Falcon, her former loveteam partner.

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So, it’s not a stretch to stay that Ramsay and Adarna are more known for their personal lives than for their acting. Even the most casual showbiz fan would keep tabs on who they’re seeing, which explains the slew of articles that have been published since they started hanging out. But not everyone seems to be happy that they’re together, such as this person who wrote that “Andrea [Torres] left the group [chat]” underneath an Instagram photo of the couple, which earned Ramsay’s ire.

Image from Ramsay/IG
Image from Ramsay/IG

And there are people such as this Twitter user who have invalidated the couple by saying it’s just “all about sex.” (But what’s wrong with sex, though?)

Here’s another negative comment, which appeared underneath one of the articles about the couple. “[G]et someone who knows the meaning of permanence,” said the fan, insinuating that this relationship is not for keeps. This seems to be a typical reaction to their relationship, that it’s temporary and will not lead to marriage.

Image from GMA News
Image from GMA News

As we continue to obsess over Adarna and Ramsay, perhaps we should revaluate what we expect out of relationships. Nothing is really permanent in this world, and many “perfect” marriages have broken up (how else can we explain the strong clamor for divorce among Pinoys?). If Adarna and Ramsay are not end game, that does not invalidate the feelings they currently have for each other, nor erase the memories that they will create together. Life, after all, is not just about the destination, but equally important are the journey itself and the company we keep.

All the best, Ellen and Derek!


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