Actress exposes ‘paparazzi’ on Instagram, turns out the accused wasn’t even taking her photo

Photo from ABS-CBN News.
Photo from ABS-CBN News.

Well, this is embarrassing.

Filipino actress Ellen Adarna went viral over the weekend after posting an Instagram Story in which she accused a girl of taking stolen shots of her in a restaurant. It turned out, though, that the girl wasn’t even taking photos of her.

Adarna was in Mendokoro Ramenba, a popular ramen restaurant in Makati, with a man who looked to be her rumored boyfriend, actor John Lloyd Cruz.

She then decided to give the alleged paparazzo a taste of her own medicine and proceeded to take a video of her.

“When you PAP us, We PAP you,” Adarna wrote on her Insta story. “It’s a tie #PAParazziMoves.”

Screenshot of Adarna’s Instagram Story.

“[Y]ou know the feeling… uncomfy, right?” Adarna asked in her video.

This would’ve been a bold move, except the accused girl has said she wasn’t actually trying to take a photo of the actress.

Seeing as Adarna has more than 3 million Instagram followers, her snaps eventually reached the girl she was accusing.

In a tweet posted on Friday, the girl, under the Twitter handle @Eleiluh, said that she, like every other millennial, just wanted to take a photo of her food.

“So we were casually eating ramen and this happens…We didnt (sic) notice her or even knew it was her. I just wanted to story our food,” she said.

@Eleiluh then followed that up with the video she took in the restaurant, which, like she said, focuses on the ramen and her companion.

Still, Adarna insisted that the girl was guilty because of how she looked on the video. On her Instagram Story the actress said:

“Girl, your reaction in the video that I took explains it all. Like you look so guilty, you didn’t even know what to do if you should pick up your chopsticks, you look so conscious, because you panic (sic), because you know I was doing what you’re doing.”

Adarna also asked that if the girl was actually taking a video of her food, why did she have to include the people in the background?

“I saw a video that she took that she was casually eating ramen but like she took a video, girl, if you take a video of your food, you focus on the food. you don’t focus or you don’t show the people in the background,” Adarna said.

To this, @Eleiluh replied: “[W]e really had no clue she was there. thats why i took a vid of not only my food cause I was showing the restaurant as well.”

Adarna and Cruz have been on hiatus since late last year when rumors of their relationship started to circulate. There are also rumors that they are expecting a child, which neither of them has confirmed nor denied.

Because they have been away from the public eye, many have tried taking photos of them in public, which is probably why Adarna’s guard was up.

While some have defended Adarna, netizens have been critical of how she reacted to the situation, calling her “petty” and full of herself.

“Ellen Adarna” was still a trending topic on Philippine Twitter this morning, days after the issue was first made public.

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